Cubot Rainbow 2 full Specs leak, it might be the cheapest phone with Dual Camera


Cubot Rainbow 2 full specs leak, it might be the cheapest phone with dual camera

According to CUBOT indicate: Cubot Rainbow 2 configuration is as follows:

Rear Dual Camera 13MP + 2MP
Front Camera 5MP + Front flash light
5.0 “HD Display
2035 mAh
1GB + 16GB 256GB TF Extent
Android 7.0
Bluetooth 4.0

Above the most attractive place is the Rainbow 2 equipped with a rear dual camera. One is of 13MP as the main camera, the other is of 2MP as the secondary camera. taking a picture with two cameras is like viewing the world with eyes. both of the two cameras receive light at the same time, not only obtain the color of the image information, but also know which object is closer, which is far. the Close shot is clear while the background retains blur, then ultimately you get a more beautiful picture. Why does it look good? Because the way we use a phone with dual camera to take pictures is exactly as we see the world.

Obviously, this configuration is the elementary level. But it’s not simple. For Rainbow 2, Cubot is positioning it a Budget Phone, might be the world’s lowest price smart phone with dual-camera. So that more people can experience the fun.

In addition, this phone has five colors, namely black, white, gold, blue and red. There is always a color for you. Cubot Rainbow 2 will be available in March, it deserves us expecting on it.







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