Do you know why Chinese people send apple as gift in Christmas Eve?


Today is Christmas Eve in China, everyone get exciting and prepare for Christmas day tomorrow, so does Gearbest. We prepared a lot of apple as Christmas Eve gifts send to our staffs and friends in this morning.

I guess you may feel confused why Chinese people send apple each other in Christmas Eve. If you keep read this article, then you will find the answer at the end.

As a big country with internationalization and globalization, a lot of foreign festivals are getting popular in China, especially Christmas day. When I was in primary school, I heard about Christmas at the first time. Then, when I attended to middle school, we started send apple as gifts to our friends and classmates in Christmas Eve. Nowadays, send apple to friends and family had already become a tradition in Chinese Christmas Eve.

In Chinese language, the pronunciation of Christmas Eve is “Ping An Ye” and the pronunciation of apple is “Ping Guo”. Both of the two words pronounce begin with “Ping” and “Ping” means safe and peace in Chinese language. Therefore, Chinese people think send friends apple in Christmas Eve means the best wishes and may bring good luck to their friends in the next year. That’s why Chinese people like to send apple as gift to each other in Christmas Eve.





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