Want a Faster Christmas Shopping? Gearbest Local Warehouses are All Getting Ready!

A few weeks before Christmas is a crazy shopping season in many countires around the world. People buy Christmas gifts, decorations and other supplies online. So shipping might be slower due to the huge flow of packages and mails on the way. So if you want to purchase something on our Gearbest, and wish to recieve them before Christmas, we suggest all of you to choose faster shipping methods, or in most cases use local warehouses instead of free shipping from China.

US and Europe Customers’ Choice: U.S.A, European Warehouses

If you live far away from China, please consider US, EU Warehouses as the first choice. EU Warehouse: Typically 3-5 days to the UK, 3-7days to other European countries. US Warehouse: Generally, 3-5 days to a USA address. You can find the entrance at the home page of our Shopping Site.

Asia Customers’ Choice: Hong Kong and China Warehouses

We have 4 different shipping methods: unregistered, registered, priority line and expedited shipping. We recommend expedited shipping as the best choice – a little more expensive but faster and traceable. Unregistered air mail and priority line are not recommended.

Customers from Other Countries: Nearest Warehouses to Your Address

Shipping from warehouse nearest to your shipping address ( additional charges may apply ).

Shipping Insurance for Valuable Gear

And at last, don’t forget to add shipping insurance to your orders if there are high-valued products like Xiaomi Mix (so hard to snap up even in China).

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