Black Friday: Fight Alone or Fight Together?

Black Friday: Fight Alone or Fight Together?

Be the Popular King and Team Up with your Friends


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are GREAT opportunities to grab this year’s ULTIMATE PRIZE. But this time, don’t fight alone – join forces with your Friends! Ask them for an assist and become the Popular King. Or show your own teamwork and help your Friend to achieve their Dream to become the Popular King!


How to start your Popular King Journey?

  1. Log into your Gearbest Account OR Sign up NOW




  1. Just click the “Start Game” button


The pop up will show you have got XX points. SHARE your Game link to your Friends! They can help you get more Game Points!

*Only the First 30 Friends who click your link help you earn Game Points. Points will be a random amount from ZERO to 600 Points. Who will be your Team MVP?




  1. Check your Fantastic Helpers

Find out which Friend has already help you, and view your total Game Points.



  1. Earn more Game Points and receive your COOL PRIZE.

*You can only claim ONE PRIZE in the Popular King Game.

Five Amazing Prizes are waiting for you – get started!






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