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100$ Gift Card giveaway

In order to enrich our product line, provide more comprehensive services for everyone.we made this “Recommend new products,get free gift card” activity!

100$ Gift Card giveaway!
What is prize:
1st prize: 100$ gift card (1 unit every month)
2nd prize: 50$ Gift card (2 units every month)
3rd prizes: 50 GB points (For each correct participation)
The Rules Are Simple!
Recommend new products for us!
Recommend new products for us!
Recommend new products for us!
What products we need:
1. Belongs to toys & hobbies category!
2. We don’t sell it now!
3. You really like it!
Please comment with Product name + Product link (or pics if you can’t find it link) + the reason why you like it.
Winner will be selected according to votes and likes!
The Giveaway will last for 3 months, from 19 October 2016 to 19 January 2017!
The winner will be chosen at the end of each month!( If the end of the month is weekend or holiday, then winner will be chosen on first working day)
It’s time to choose winners!  please check here!

20 thoughts on “100$ Gift Card giveaway

  1. U already have such a fantastic web all products price is great
    But we need some new products for girl like makeup, shoes, bags , cameras

    I really love ur web 👏🏻👏🏻

    Wish to win


  2. There is an item with increasing interesting from RC hobby people: is the Multiprotocol Transmitter It’s a TX module for Taranis or FlySky 9X that permit to bind (and fly) a lot of models, because it have inside 4 transmitter chip. So with this in our radio it’s possible to fly small toy grade models or racing quads, without the need to carry a lot of radio transmitter. Hope you can find the manufacturer and add it to your shop.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. you sure, dinogy have proven to be excellent battierie, with a price unbeatable quality … the new version of these batteries that promises better performance and for our small drones are very important!


  3. Necesitamos mas variedad de drones con motores brushless a un precio asequible, para que los que estamos empezando en este hobby, podamos dar el paso y pasar a este tipo de drones mas complejos, pero a la vez mas divertidos.


  4. We need more micro 5.8 fpv quadcopters. If they would come out with a cx-10 that has 5.8 to use goggles it would dominate the micro scene. Also make it dsm protocol


  5. hey GB Team, check out this! i hope this falls into hobby and toys category.
    It will be awesome for parents and their child bonding while at the park


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